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    Treatment of acute eye infections and injury is something we do everyday as primary eyecare providers. Some of the more common acute problems we see on a regular basis include: Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis), eye pain, flashes or floaters, contact lens related problems, and trauma.

    Pink Eye

    Pink Eye is the most common infection and is also called conjunctivitis. Your eye doctor will determine which type of "pink eye" you have and put you on the appropriate medication. Pink eye can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or allergies. Contact lenses may make pink eye worse so please do not wear them if your eyes are red. Dr. Winston will quickly establish a diagnosis and treatment plan for your red eyes.

    Eye Pain

    Eye pain is very general and can be caused by many factors. Pain in and around the eye is a reason to see Dr. Winston sooner rather than later. We can find the underlying cause of the eye pain and treat it in most cases.

    Flashes of Light

    Flashes of light or those pesky floaters are important indicators of changes happening in the back of your eye. If you see flashes of light, new floaters, or a veil or curtain over your vision, it's time to see Dr. Winston. A dilated exam of the retina is the only way to rule out retinal detachment.

    Contact Lenses

    Contact lenses are wonderful medical devices that allow many people to be not so dependent on their glasses. However, they can cause eye infections similiar to pink eye. We see many of these cases when the contacts have been overworn or new patients that were improperly fitted. Many patients will need to be out of the their contact lenses for a week and put on the appropriate medication for the particular conjunctivitis that was acquired.

    Eye Injuries

    Eye injuries or trauma happens more often than it should, but accidents do happen. Please wear eye protection while string trimming, grinding metal or playing raquetball. Dr. Winston will treat the injury and educate you on future prevention.





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