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    Optical Dispensary

    Our optical is staffed with trained and knowledgeable opticians. The opticians will help improve your overall look with glasses. Our eyewear portfolio is diversified so that patients with any taste can find something they love; and our professionals, doctors included, will lend they’re honest opinion. Here are just a few of the frame lines we are proud to offer:

    Classic 3-piece drill mount that is customizable and lightweight. We also have the ability to assemble these frames in-house, which means they get to your face quicker!

    This designer has somehow created a line of eyewear that looks gorgeous on any woman. The case for the eyewear also has those Hepburn eyes, which heightens the appeal.

    Professionally fun. Great Brand. Great Frame.




    Super lightweight (2.5 grams) and customizable (over 20 colors available).



    Beautiful Design, Italian Made. They speak for themselves.


    Fun, funky, undeniably unique.



    Beautiful lines, colors and designs.




    This company has dedicated its existence to making wearable frames. Their shapes are eye catching and understated.



    Hand painted in Israel. Vibrant Colors. Each piece is one of a kind.



    Big, Bold and Vintage Plastics. This designer knows what’s “in” in eyewear.



    Bold colors with metalwork designs that create depth. People will notice your glasses. 



    These are truly beautiful designs. Handmade in Italy.




    Fun, young, and her designs are so recognizable.




    The Coach line has been completely redesigned and is better than ever! These classic frames will help accessorize any face. 


    Never Hide from these frames. They scream individuality. From everyday eyewear to sunwear, we have a Ray Ban to fit any occasion.






    We're ready to see most patients within a week. Contact us.





    We're committed to this community, family, and your eyes. About us.





    From fashion forward to classic styles, we've got you covered. See them.